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How to Write a Critique of an Article.

Despite the fact that the premise is rather straightforward, many students are left wondering: “What exactly is a research article critique?” Following the initial explanation, the professor doesn’t provide many extra directions to the students. As a result, you just believe that you’ll be required to read a research paper and then discuss it from a critical point of perspective. That is a reasonable assumption. The article critique, on the other hand, is a lot more difficult assignment than most students anticipate.

Please allow us to explain what a good article critique should include before we proceed any further.

Instead of simply summarizing the key ideas of the article, you must engage in critical analysis of those points as well. This is where the majority of students make blunders; they simply provide a synopsis of the research article they have read. Summaries of journal papers are already available. That is something your professor does not want you to know. They want to hear your distinct point of view and participate in the discussion.
You should not only share your opinions of the piece, but you should also provide proof to support those impressions.
In addition to outlining the core idea of the post, you should also describe the article’s history and intended audience.
Most importantly, you’ll pay attention to the issues raised by this essay, as well as the ones that are avoided.
Now that we’ve gone over the term in greater detail, let’s get to the meat of the matter: how to analyze an article. We’ll walk you through the process step by step so that you may complete this paper successfully.

Step 1: Engage in active reading.

You cannot review a research article until you have thoroughly read and comprehended it. These journal papers can be rather lengthy, and they frequently contain technical jargon that you are unfamiliar with. As a result, simply reading will not be sufficient. In order to define and grasp the terms that are unfamiliar to you, you will need to participate in active and close reading, which will be supplemented by some research.

Throughout this procedure, you will pay attention to the facts and intricacies of the text. You will be able to identify the author’s main thesis as well as the arguments that were utilized to support that point in the text.

Because of this, you’ll almost certainly need a marker as well as a note-taking program. If you want to take notes the old-fashioned way, buy yourself a notepad and begin writing as you read through the book.

As you go through the article, make a note of the following major components of the research:

  • The problem under investigation and the purpose of the investigation
  • Hypothesis
  • Methods of investigation
  • Those who took part in the research
  • Variables
  • The most important findings
  • Conclusions

There is a good chance that you will need to read the content more than once before you are finished with this level. With each reading, you’ll uncover new layers, and you’ll come up with new ideas on how to criticize what you’ve learned. Make a note of any further thoughts you have.

When it comes to taking notes, don’t be too brief. Perhaps you believe that a small note captures the essence of your entire concept, but this is not the case. Keep in mind that this is a complicated form of academic work. Until you’re evaluating a complex text, it’s easy to lose track of some of your thoughts when it comes time to write. No doubt, reading and making notes on your observations will take more time than usual for you. If you are ready to put out the necessary effort, you will be able to reduce the number of hurdles you encounter during the writing process.

Step 2: Create a Preliminary Outline of your project.

Following your comprehensive knowledge of the material and taking copious notes, it’s time to organize your thoughts into a basic framework for your research paper. What is the purpose of this preliminary outline? – This is due to the fact that you have not completed the process of critique. Basically, you’ll be planning how you’re going to discuss the main elements of the article in this outline.

Step 3: Interrogate the main points made by the author.

“Did this student comprehend the difference between a summary and an analysis?” the professor will wonder as soon as they begin reading your critique. This review is not a synopsis; rather, it is an analysis from a critical point of view of the article in question. Despite the fact that your primary goal is not persuasion, you must nonetheless build a convincing discussion.

In order to accomplish this, you must question if the writer’s overall message is logical or not. Additional research will be required to achieve this goal. You are unlikely to possess the whole body of knowledge required for conducting an analysis of a researcher’s work. So you’ll have to look for similar examples and compare them to the idea presented in this article.

You may check the logic of the message in a straightforward manner by contrasting the introduction and conclusion. Do the elements of these two sections have a similar feel to them?

In addition to the core content and the logic of the essay, you’ll be questioning the following things as well:

  • The investigational procedures
  • What were the outcomes?
  • The debate has begun.
  • The style components are as follows:

Yes, even the smallest style details are significant. If the author’s writing style is difficult to understand, you may be able to use it as an argument in your evaluation.

It’s important to remember that you do not need to write a negative review if you are disputing the primary aspects and arguments of the article. It is possible for a critique to be constructive as well. In the event that you agree with all of the issues, you will provide a favorable critique. If you don’t agree, you’ll have to write down your thoughts. Assuming you’re somewhere in the middle (which is typically the case when writing article reviews), you’ll emphasize both the positive and bad aspects of the article. In any situation, you must utilize compelling reasons to support your points of contention.

Step 4: Identify and Distinguish Contradictions.

You might have noticed a few inconsistencies in the article as you were reading it. Researchers, whether deliberately or accidentally, can be biased in their findings. This means that they will likely disregard or even misinterpret conflicting evidence in order to gain an advantage over the other party.

Prejudices can be the source of this bias. An architect with a traditional background, for example, may have preconceived notions about feng shui and may choose to reject information that supports the method’s benefits. A medical professional is likely to have preconceived notions about Chinese medicine. You understand what I’m saying.

Note any prejudices you may have, and you will be able to identify the discrepancies. Whenever one author makes a reference to another author’s work, you should investigate that source. The answer is yes; it will need longer reading, but it will assist you in identifying the weak aspects in the piece, allowing you to evaluate it more effectively.

If the author relied on untrustworthy evidence, you may wish to include that information in your critique.

Step 5: Put It Down on Paper!

By this point, you’ll have a lot of notes on hand. Don’t be concerned; this is a positive development. All you have to do now is put them into a logical structure so that you’ll be able to follow the logical flow as you discuss the article with your group. When you’re ready, you can begin the actual writing process itself.

In the introduction, explain what your main argument is.

It is not difficult to get started on writing the introduction. You should include the title of the article you’re evaluating, the author’s name, the name of the magazine where the piece was published, and the date the article writing was published. After that, you’ll make a statement concerning the research article’s main point of interest. Isn’t there a thesis statement in there somewhere? It should be included in the introduction.

The start of most types of academic papers includes a thesis statement that is supported by evidence. The opening to your article critique should also provide a summary of your key argument. In this statement, you should disclose your primary points of critique, so that the reader will have a notion of what they are about to read next.

Body Paragraphs should be written.

The moment has come to conduct a thorough examination of the work. Each of the body paragraphs should elaborate on a different issue raised in the essay. Because this is not a 5-paragraph essay (the article critique will be much longer! ), you may use subheadings to break up the sections of the essay. When writing a quick article critique, you are not required to include this information.

Throughout the body of the paper, each paragraph should begin with a topic statement, which you will explore further in the following paragraphs. Check to see if there is a logical relationship between the various sections of the document.

Make a concise summary of your arguments.

In the conclusion, you’ll summarize your critique and make some suggestions about its possible ramifications for the future. You may suggest more research that will shed new light on the topic and help the writer whose work you have just assessed to enhance his or her work.

Step 6: Go back and revise!

This step must not be skipped! Don’t even bother to consider it. The article critique is a serious project that should allow you to demonstrate your ability to think critically and persuasively about the subject matter. If you do not revise it, even the smallest error will cause the reader to have a negative image of you.

Pay close attention to the citations as you go through this process. Is it true that you cited all of your sources correctly? Also, make sure to proofread the bibliography! If you don’t know how to format it, make sure to adhere to the guidelines of the APA formatting style for article critique.


This is not a straightforward undertaking. In reality, the article critique may be one of the most difficult academic writing assignments that students have to complete. It is, nonetheless, extremely vital as well. It teaches you how to make use of the work of another writer without necessarily agreeing with their point of view on the subject. It teaches you how to interrogate and evaluate their arguments and claims.

As you improve in your job, you’ll be able to use your critical thinking abilities more effectively. So pay close attention to this project; the end result will be well worth your time.